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[06 Mar 2018|02:58am]

Please comment below with the lines that you are wanting to have filled. Please include the following information:

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[03 Apr 2017|11:47pm]

If you have any questions about a species not listed, or just the game in general, please leave a comment below. Please note that all comments are screened, and anonymous commenting is disabled.

[13 Mar 2017|09:23pm]

Please make sure to place your hold here prior to submitting an application.

Your application should include a detailed character history (at least three well written paragraphs or 5-10 detailed facts) and a list of specialties, abilities/powers, strengths, and weaknesses of your character. Please see here and here for bio layout ideas. You don't have to use any of these, just so long as the needed information is there.

Please reply below with the following information:

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All adds will be done on Friday.

[13 Mar 2017|09:20pm]

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Holds last for 10 days with a single extension of 5 days.


Hamid Fadaei (deity - sumerian)

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[13 Mar 2017|09:12pm]

1) Have fun! That's what RP is about, after all? To have fun?
2) No God-modding. No character will be all powerful. None. Not even the actual gods that are in play have unlimited powers.
3) No OOC/IC crossing. There is zero tolerance on this. You know something OOC about a plot or whatever? Great! That doesn't mean your character does. If you're caught crossing, you will be removed.
4) Communicate! Communication is key and helps avoid the before mentioned crossing.
5) Due to the nature of the game, there will be dark and mature themes at times. We politely request that all players, and characters, be over the age of 18. This also includes PBs. We adhere to the +/- 5 year rule on PBs, but, don't use a 13 year old actor to make an 18 year old character.
6) Activity rules can be a pain in the ass sometimes. We don't have lofty activity rules. This is a GPSL after all. There are TWO ways to be active in this game:

a) Make a single post in the IC community. This can be an interactive post, a lyric post, or a social media-esque post. Comments must be replied to.
b) Start and/or reply to a thread.

Commenting will ONLY be counted as activity if the comment string is over 10 comments long (between two individual characters). This cannot be used for activity every month for the same character. That's it! Very simple and easy to accomplish!

Above all, see rule #1. HAVE FUN!

* Rules are subject to change, should the mod team feel it's necessary.

[13 Mar 2017|09:10pm]

Throughout the years there have been ghost stories, of witches and of vampires, and other things that go bump in the night. For the most part, though, people believed that these were just stories to frighten little children or to freak out friends that were faint of heart.

But there were some, people who gathered in hidden corners and spoke in quiet whispers, that believed the stories were real. These people did everything in their power to search out the truth and shed some light into the dark.

That all changed in 2005 when the gates of Heaven and Hell blasted open, making public a battle between the Judeo Christian God and Satan. It offset the delicate balance of power that had been achieved over the millenia and the two leaders went missing. The Archangel Michael and his fallen brother, Lucifer, joined forces temporarily to bring them back and set things straight again.

The search took nearly 5 years and during that time, demons and angels walked the streets side by side with humans. The pre-Christian deities took this time to make their return to the world, waking their long sleeping kin, and return their worships to the world. After all, if God wasn't there to answer prayers, somebody needed to do that job.

In addition to the old gods' return, the supernatural world slowly started to out itself. Once The world knew Zeus was really for real, revealing to your very, completely human neighbor that you were a witch didn't seem as daunting. And as things settled into some version of a routine, some of the beings that lived there kept their identities secret while still others practically took out commercial space to advertise.

Naturally, humanity had mixed emotions about this. Anti and pro supernatural groups sprung up all across the world, reigniting long forgotten hatreds and fanning the flames of others that just needed a final little torch. There were "sanctuary" cities around the country. One of them was Charleston, South Carolina.

Several things in Charleston made it a prime city for the gathering. Members of the governing Vampire Council lived there, as well as the observational Witches Council. Access to both fresh and salt water, lush nature preserves with several different eco systems, and a city that was already predisposed to the paranormal due to it's history of lured beasts, beings, and creatures of all kinds in its city limits.

As well as the above general tension between humans and beings and beings and humans, the following things are a foot in Charleston and can affect your characters as you wish to involve them:

The angels and demons recognize the tension rising between them as their respective sides continue to feel the pull of the 2005 battle that ended in a stalemate. For the most part, they are all content to live and let live. All it would take, though, is one small thing to break the ice out from under them and cause another battle. After all, plenty of people suspect that the Judeo Christian end times are coming. Humans are no longer drifting towards angels if they are "good" and demons if they are "bad," so what will become of those who fall into that gray area if another war breaks out?

The Vampire Council is a governing body that has an International Congress, and then national, regional, and local divisions that oversee progressively smaller areas. This is absolutely a ruling class and their word is law. Their sentences are fair, but they aren't afraid to decide on death. It is important to note that all vampires in game are subject to the law of the Council. However, breaking said laws and outcomes will be plots developed with the players involved. There is no game wide version of if A then B, however the "laws" are being written and will be posted for character knowledge and player fun.

The Witches Council is an observational body that has an International Branch, national, regional, and local branches that assist with education, protection, and decision making when requested. While they aren't there to pass judgements, they will if a local coven is getting out of hand. They act more as public relations than they do as a government. Not all witches may be involved with the council. There will be many witches that do not belong to any kind of coven or group. These individuals, and even small covens, can interact as much or as little as the players of all respective sides want to do so.

Other major groups and plots will be represented here and updated as they develop. Please let the mods know here if you have something you'd like to add.

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